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Endowed with a cosy and attractive environment, this port is located in El Rosario town, a little more than eight kilometres from Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the island’s capital.

A lot could be said about this site, but special reference should be made to its location towards the south in an area where the north breeze prevails. Thus it becomes an excellent point of shelter for those vessels sailing across the Canaries and reaching port in Tenerife.

Radazul is also an urban area divided into upper and lower Radazul, limited by the crossing highway.

Radazul was built on a mountain. A safe road, though with a few turns, will lead you to the port area equipped with all comfort and facilities required in this modern age.

There are coffee shops where great and delicious natural juices are offered, according to those who have visited these charming spots over and over.

A post-office, a library, hairdresser’s, a shop selling a variety of fruits and vegetables and other first-class facilities are also available to visitors.

A drugstore is at the visitors’ disposal selling all types of medicines in case it is necessary to fight any sudden disease and for those who enjoy a good health, there are bars and other recreational centres.

El puertito (the little port) as the local people call it, is very small and has a gas pump as well as other shops where sea amateurs find everything for their boats, from coffee, tea or any other supplies to exquisite wines, liquors and trademark beer. In short, if you choose to sound your boat at Radazul Sports Port, you will certainly have made a very good decision.


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